The signs

3DB62667-26BA-4F4A-B9AE-173ABB198C87.jpegI’m at a loss for words these days. Usually writing feels like a release, but in between our invigorating holidays and the current political climate, it’s hard to relate and express.

As I was trying to drive through a street, I saw the sign above. I found it interesting because in so many areas of our technological world, you can only talk to machines.

Many of our children and many people are losing the art of communication and debate. In the current hearings, it is important to be open and feel. Even though feelings can be painful, to see how the process works, and to listen with your heart, gut, and mind is powerful.

I encourage everyone to keep listening.  Speak your truth, and be open to everyone else who has a different perspective, experience, and reality.

All I can do is keep breathing,

Coach Yulia

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