Trying to stay in happy holiday mode


We couldn’t think of a song that describes Sukkot better than Pharrell Williams“Happy”, mixed with “V’samachta Bechagecha” (=Be happy on this holiday). Chag Sameach! 



The Jewish holidays literally transform us into a peaceful and happy place. Until we plug back into the world, before we go back in during the weekend. For my kids who love school, they had a wonderful time, but still missed their friends. I feel good overall, but being bombarded with everything going on in the world is very intense.

From our government, to people who are losing their lives, and then to personal goals that are developing or on hold, how do we go back into holiday happy mode?

My bubble is my sanity.

Life is not easy.

Gratitude for all the good.

Find what plugs you back in.

Chag Sameach!

Coach Yulia


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