How do you feel about the words “I’m sorry?”


Coming from the former Soviet Union, my father did not like how easily people said I’m sorry in America. Yes to heartfelt apology, caring, and being authentic, but most of the times those words feel empty.

Especially when someone has done something horrific and saying sorry is supposed to make everything disappear?

I guess it comes from a polite culture of saying fine, to someone that says, how are you, even if you are not fine.

I feel lucky to have been raised to be real, clear, and always follow my truth. I agree with my father, some things need much more than an, I’m sorry. However, to be honest and release can change somebody’s life, even your own.

Tomorrow for many people is the most powerful holy day in Judaism. Before Yom Kippur we are supposed to ask forgiveness from those we have wronged.

It is powerful to take stock of your life once a year and fully repent. Maybe it will bring us to the consciousness that to be present and in tune to our actions all the time is the real goal.

Coach Yulia

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