3X Timing


Yesterday three random things happened and I arrived at the perfect time to make a difference.

  1. I was visiting a friend that was about to let her housekeeper of 11 years go. When I left her house, one of the groups I’m connected to had someone looking for work. When she called me later saying that her housekeeper was happily ready to leave, I provided her with someone new that was ready to start ASAP.
  2. I took the kids to visit my mother-in-law yesterday. The moment we walked in she was sitting in front of a packed refrigerator trying to figure out how to arrange new items. I have helped her with this before, and she was so happy that I came at exactly at the right time.
  3. Last night we invited my upstairs neighbor to dinner. Precisely as I opened the door to see if she was coming, her friends were moving a large couch out and angling it into my place made it easier for them to bring it outside and into their car.

This is how life happens. There are always opportunities where our presence will make a difference.

Coach Yulia


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