As everyone connects with their identity,Jews stand up and be proud!

Yirmiahu Danzig

Just saw “BlacKkKlansman” and it is definitely my favorite theatrical exploration of Jewish identity in America since “The Believer” with Ryan Gosling.
Aside from the epic moment where Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) quotes Hillel in Pirkei Avoth, there is an even more intense scene where the main protagonist basically shuts down the debate on Ashkenazi Hebrew “passing”; challenging his Jewish partner to “stop passing for White like some light-skinned Black folk have been doing” and recognize that as a Jew he has just as much skin in the game. “BlacKkKlansman” does an excellent job of demonstrating the centrality of anti-Jewish racism (anti-Semitism) to White Nationalism and the real threat it presents to Jews and POC in America.
Must see!


Jeffrey G. Rosenberg
We are a Diasporic, Semitic, Ethnocultural/Ethnoreligious Tribe/People of Color/”Race” Indigenous to Eretz Y’Israel/The Region of Canaan (definitions of each term below).
• Diasporic (we have been dispersed through slavery, exile, but are Indigenous to the same region)
•Semitic (our core language/genetic group)/Afro-Asiatic—Southwest Asian (current cartological designation) & North-Northeast African (Israel is physically located on African tectonic plate)/”Middle Eastern” (British geographical definition)/etc.)
•Ethnocultural/Ethnoreligious (with ethnicity and culture/customs intertwined)
•Tribe (we allow formal initiations (“conversions”), in which individuals adorn themselves with our ethnicity/”Race,” and we adopt them as new members)
•/People of Color (we have been treated as People of Color (suffering millennia of Institutionalized Racism against us for being non-European), and have fought and continue to fight for the rights of People of Color (including ourselves))
•/”Race” (although we are indeed Semitic, the Levant power dynamic has divided us away from the dominant group (Arab/Muslims), even though some of us are mixed-with-Arab, are anusim (Jews who were forced to “convert” to a different Tribe/”religion”) or descendants of anusim, and/or Arab new Tribal members (Arabs who “converted” to Judaism); in short, Arabs—not all individuals, but the System to which they belong—often and historically act as the “white” (Imperialist, Supremacist, etc.) People of the Levant)
•Indigenous to Eretz Y’Israel/The Region of Canaan (as documented in our Haggadah, among other historical Tribal documents/archeological samples).
Leaf Lee Kahtan
Well I’d say that there are averages. On average North African Jews are darker than Ashkenazi Jews. But both groups have plenty of dark skinned people and light skinned people since both are an Afroasiatic people with origins in the Levant and the Horn of Africa.


I love the exploration into Jewish identity. It is a conversation that is fluid and out in the open, along with people of color from all walks of life. Jews are now all over the world, and specifically focusing on color, there is a full spectrum that spans the continents.

Jewish Loud and Proud!

Fascinating video below about how Jews are indigenous to Israel,

Shabbat Shalom,

Shana Tova,

Coach Yulia

Morry Sztainbok:   One of the problems lies in the number of Jews who see Judaism as a religion, not a group identity. This is especially true of the Progressive movement. For me this is a particularly sad development, because we have all the hallmarks required to define us as indigenous to that region, including the genetic markers.

Our “tribe”, a nation of 12 tribes was well established 3,000 years ago, with our own structure, language, religion, laws, customs… everything anthropologists define indigenous peoples by. Archaeology dates it. All the factors you cite are there.

Our biggest problem lies in the UN definition, which never accounted for the currently unique possibility of an indigenous people regaining sovereignty over the homeland, and becoming the mainstream.

The Ottomans, who owned the land for 400 years, weren’t/aren’t Arabs. You have bought into an unfortunate myth. But they did sign their lands over to the WW1 Allies, which gave them the right in international law to dispose of it as they saw fit. They decided to set up states for the people, rather than enlarge their empires. That included the Jews. The allocations of land were fair and reasonable. The Mandate of Palestine was divided. 78% went to the Arabs, and 22% went to establish the Jewish national home. Similarly, the Mandate of Syria was divided between Muslims and Christians. The problems began when Arabs tried to take it all. The organised murder of Jews, who didn’t know one end of a gun from the other, began in 1920, and hasn’t stopped since, with Jews/Israelis dying every year in the century that has passed, except for 5. There is no doubt who is driving this conflict and why.

I would agree with the failure to provide what they set out to do, though democracy was never an objective, unless the populations of the various nation states they set up wanted it. None, it seems, did. Had there been no WW1, the area would still be ruled by the Ottomans, and nobody would have had independence. I think it achieved a lot. Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan and Iraq only exist because of it.

In all of it, actual ownership of land was always honoured, and anybody who held valid title, kept their land.

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