Notice and Grind – Rosh Hashana

Rebecca Klempner 
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I am noticing life slowing down, sometimes physically while other times just super present in appreciating the people around me and the moment in time. My kids are growing up and are able to articulate and understand, which makes life flow a bit smoother.


I am really into double entendre’s, but lately I’ve been noticing triple entendre’s! For instance the word notice:

  • to notice
  • on notice
  • a notice

As the Jewish New Yesr approaches, only a week away, feels like time is slowing down to look back on our lives.

The holiday is a notice to notice we are on notice.

I was talking to a good friend and asked her how is the daily grind, and started cracking up.

I was asking her three questions at once, coffee, work and love are the triple entendre.

Life amuses me, especially as I watch everyone and everything around me and feel grateful.

Thank God!

Cosch Yulia

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