Being Present is Exhausting and Necessary

There are so many amazing quotes, maybe some of these will speak to you. Last night my brain couldn’t function to blog, and this morning I thought of the reason

Usually we choose when to give our undivided attention to someone. As a parent you have no choice to be present, but there are breaks with school and devices. For observant Jews there is a weekly day where there is literally no way out, and it is a good thing.

Being present is exhausting and necessary especially for children, but also for couples. Can you imagine, not just an intimate dinner and evening, but 24 hours of being with each other with no distractions!

This is our weekly Shabbat, and although I love the turn off from electronics, it forces us to be involved and on. By the end of the day, I am so happy when everybody is in bed, and I get just me time, which is very rare.

We had a wonderful day with a family celebration, and what I love the most is when the kids creatively figure out what to play. I think it is a rarity these days, that kids have brain time and play together time.

Thank God!

Coach Yulia

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