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At some point in your evolution as a mother or father there has to be an awareness of self. You can not expect your child to be different from you at birth they copy everything you do. It is not until later that they shed what doesn’t work for them. You cannot have it both ways. .
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Avram Davis
On the Parsha Ki Tavo. This parsha deals intensely with promises of pleasure and promises of pain. It speaks continuously of how to live a life properly and the fall-out that will happen if we don’t. It is a very strong canticle to the power of duality. I find in todays world there is a great deal of emphasis on the Oneness of things. Indeed, I write and meditate on this often. But this parsha is a tribute to the deep, deep duality of things. The Torah constantly reiterates this. Though the heart of the path is unity, yet there is no approaching except through a constant struggle and embracing of duality. Of making hard choices between this and that. The hard choices of being a human being: right or wrong; brave or cowardly; go forward or retreat. The need to make such choices is something we work hard on to teach our children. If we try and live a life of Oneness and spiritual unity without the embracing of duality and the choices that this necessitates, then we run the risk of disassociation. The very antithesis of Torah. For Torah is a path of earth and sky, fire and water. Of connection. I wish us all clarity in making our choices. Good shabbos.

I am so grateful my parents were connected to their Jewish roots. They knew nothing of the laws or observances, but instilled us with a strong identity. One of the most powerful truths is when it becomes clear that everything is in the Torah. It has all been done before, there is nothing new, and we can keep learning deeper on how to navigate this thing called life.

As human beings we love to feel united, but don’t want to disappear from ourselves and our roots. I respect everybody’s journey, we all have our own path, and it is very personal.

I am grateful that my children know 100% who they are, while respecting and loving their friends from all walks of life.
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia
Afshine Emrani
I see Reform Jews running to conferences trying to figure out why Jews don’t identify with their religion! In a recent Pew poll, out of the 9 Christian groups altogether, only 3.5% said they were leaving their religion, and 4% chose to define themselves as Solidly Secular. Among Muslims, 9% suggested they were Religion Resisters and 9% said they were Solidly Secular. But the same study shows 42% of US Jews abhor their religion! Problems: 1- Diluted religion is a slippery slope. You can’t eat pork and identify with being Jewish! You don’t believe me? Look at the numbers. Chabad is growing but not the Reform Movement! 2- Once you accept intermarriage, that’s the end of you. 3- Globalism is dilution. Loving your neighbor does NOT mean become your neighbor. You can be an Orthodox Jew and love and respect all religions. 4- If you give up Torah’s authority to your heart’s desires, you’ve lost your Jewish compass. Torah sets the standard. 5- Judaism is taught in the family, not only by school, but by what you practice. Schools are NOT substitute parents or substitute families. 6- Shabbat. Shabbat dinner is Judaism. You can’t take children to concerts on Friday night, go to basketball games, and expect your children to connect to Judaism. 7- Judaism must be practiced. As the Shema says- on waking up, on going to sleep, on walking out of the house. “Do something Jewish” is NOT enough. You must live and breathe Judaism. 8- Remaining connected to God. Knowing that there is a Force greater than you- not just you. No idols. Just God. 9- Remaining connected to Israel. Israel is THE ONLY JEWISH COUNTRY on our planet. If you think Israel should be given away, you’ve lost the connection. 10- Mitzvot. Good deeds as dictated by Torah must be practiced. You give charity- not only because it’s a good thing to do- but because it IS a Jewish thing to do. When you walk away from Jewish principals, you lose Judaism. It’s that simple. #God#Torah. Land of #Israel.#Jewish#people#Shabbat#Mitzvot. Without these- more will walk away. We Persian Jews kept our Judaism for 3000 years by following this formula. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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