Side Sleeper and Self Hypnosis


I love sleep. Before I had kids, it was my luxury. I would take naps all the time to recharge for my non stop life. It is honestly what I miss most, but little by little I am finding it again. The kids are a bit older, and they are busy with school, but lucky me they are early risers, no fail 6am!

I am used to it, and on a positive note, our mornings are never rushed. We always eat breakfast together, and they love their sleep too.

So I just finished a Hypnobirthing training, and it opened my eyes to how simple self hypnosis can be. In birth it really connects you to physically teach yourself exactly how you want to labor and birth. In life, it can help to let go of stress, bring in positive thoughts into your being, and help you get some sleep.

I also just learned that there are pillows for the way you sleep. I have been on the hunt, and my neck and shoulders have not been happy. So many people talk about foam, bamboo, and shapes, but there are way too many options. I finally got the answer that I was looking for, and I am so excited to try it out tonight.

Good night,

Coach Yulia

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