Yoga is not a training, it is a practice

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Sometimes I compare how we move in Yoga to a Martial Art or a dance, because it is flowing not rigid.  I realized the other day that for Martial Arts, dance, sports, and physical fitness you need to train for the desired goal.

Yoga is different.

It is a lifestyle.

It is a lifetime.

You will be moving in the right direction.

You will stay present, honor your body, and feel good.

The results are inevitable and guaranteed, but that is not the goal.

We are different every day.

We are different from each other.

There is no perfect way, there is not one way, there is just your way.

Yoga is not a training, it is a practice.

When you practice, you understand it internally.

I am not a physical therapist or a medical professional.

I do not have a thorough knowledge of anatomy.

I want to know myself from the inside.

I want you to know yourself from the inside.

If a teacher says, look at me, I’m doing it right, it’s the only way,

They’re talking about themselves.

Nobody can tell you how to feel or how you feel.

Be present, practice, breathe and feel good.

Coach Yulia


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