Yesterday the sun was red as it was setting, and I remember it happened last year due to fires. Also at the very end, the clouds formed a heart.


The sky keeps talking to me, I saw this yesterday written by an airplane:


Tonight, Rosh Chodesh Elul, we start celebrating our 11 year anniversary. My favorite number, and a spiritual number. I was born the on 11th, so I feel this is a beautiful continuation and the start of growth in every direction.

Shabbat Shalom!

Coach Yulia

“You will continually give and your heart won’t begrudge it…you will be blessed in all of your endeavors” (Deut. 15:10). The Talmud teaches us that one of the character traits a person should try to cultivate is a good heart. Just as your heart naturally gives life to you for 120 years, a person with a good heart instinctively sees his life as an opportunity to partner with the Divine and to share his blessings with others. We are promised that, if we are able to give of our wealth, our characters will be refined and we will become people who can enjoy all aspects of life. The Talmud teaches us that these blessings are never limited to only those who help others financially; it teaches us that if we help someone financially, we are given 6 blessings, yet providing someone with a kind word, a smile, or any kind of help or encouragement will result in an additional 11 blessings. The Talmud points this out by saying simply, “A smile to someone can be more important than a physical gift.” However, more important than receiving these 17 blessings is that we open ourselves to see beyond ourselves, teaching us just how fortunate we are to have been given so much, enabling us to rejoice in front of the One “Who is good and Who does good” every day of our lives.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary

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