My kids are the best!


This morning it is just me and my little guy. It feels nice to just enjoy him on his own, each personality is so different, everyone is their own unique soul. This summer he is focusing on swimming and drum lessons!


My oldest is on his first overnight with camp. Last night right before turning off my phone for the night and going to bed, I got a phone call from a number I did not know. I usually do not pick up, but I felt that I had to, and it was my son who borrowed his counselors phone. He called to say good night and that he was having a great time.


My daughter has been at sleep away camp, she came home for a short time in between sessions. For a moment she said she wanted to stay home, and when she was away she did not feel that way, too busy having fun. I told her she would be bored at home, besides day camp, the boys just come home and go to bed. She is happily back and having a blast swimming in lakes, horseback riding, late night cookouts, and zip lining. Even I have never been zip lining!

School starts in just a few weeks, and I am so grateful this summer was full of adventure and fun for everyone.


My kids are the best!

Coach Yulia

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