Why choose blame, hate, and lies?

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I love America. It was a long road for my parents to legally enter, to provide freedom and an opportunity for my brother and I. I always grew up among diversity, so I literally passed for everything under the sun. In Russian, the word for Jewish is Hebrew, and it was the nationality written on our passports from the Soviet Union. Growing up in Miami, I loved living among different cultures, and being one of the many from all over the world. I really feel that is what makes us all American, that we are all immigrants.

It really is a beautiful time now where everybody feels empowered to raise their voices. Everybody is proudly expressing themselves and sharing their identity openly. I love everything about everything, except one thing, I am not included anymore and do not pass once I share who I am.

I am Jewish.

I support Israel.

It makes me sad that now people have to choose sides instead of issues. Many people will let getting to know more about Jews and Israel slide to the back burner, as long as all the other views stand for who they really are.

Learn your history,

Learn my history,

Do your homework,

Do your research,

You can’t slide over me.

Loud and Proud Jew,

Coach Yulia



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