Today is the Jewish Day of Love

This is the Jewish day of love and connection. As a Jewish and Russian immigrant, Valentines Day never made sense to me. I did not understand how on this one day people were scrambling to buy chocolate or a gift last minute. Also everybody wanted to go out so it was not a pleasant experience on the road or at restaurants. It felt hectic and forced, and luckily nobody around me cared either. I understand the sentiment, to take time out of your day to think of someone and show them how you feel. I always thought we should do that every day. Of course life gets busy, so it is good to have a yearly reminder I guess, maybe along with a birthday or anniversary.

As you see in the picture above, the Jewish day of love, Tu B Av, is about connection and finding your other half. Women would dress in white and dance, and souls would find each other. It is deeper than a date night or squeezing each other in because you have to.

I feel so grateful to know 100% I am with my other half. I tell him it is a life sentence and there is no way out! It takes work, and it is not easy, but that is real life. I would rather have it real than a bouquet of flowers and a fake smile.

Ironically our first Valentine’s Day was beautiful. We met in January, and on Valentine’s Day I showed up at his place late after work. He is born in Israel with parents from Ukraine and Romania, who also have no connection to Valentines Day. He did his research, and on the table was a candle, wine, a card, chocolate, and one rose that I still have today. I am unconditional and affectionate, but not emotional, so when I read the card, I told him, if I was a crier, I would cry right now.

In America LOVE can mean so many different things.

When we first started dating my room mate asked me how it was going. I said that there was nothing to tell, there was no drama, it was just good, and it still is.

Wishing everyone connection and love,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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