How art thou?

I love having fun with words, and I am not sure if “how art thou,” is even the proper use of these old English words. It just seemed appropriate as I delve into how much I love art. I am more of a performance artist myself, and am endlessly fascinated by people that actually create art with their mind and hands.


When I saw the picture below, I saw beautifully colors splattered all about. After reading the comments from the artist, I saw the intended image immediately. So powerful on what we instantly are drawn to, and what something actually is.


Everybody around us has something to teach, and we can learn from everybody. So important not to let ego stand in the way of growth.


In our current climate, there is so much ego and needing to be right. Everything is so personal, and that is a good thing. Get to know yourself, accept and respect everyone around you, share,  listen, learn, be.


What did you see first?


Coach Yulia
Yehuda Lang
The Lubavitcher Rebbe. Kinda funny. Some people have a hard time finding the picture. They only see an abstract splatter of paint. Once they see it, theyre like oooooooh! Kinda like those books you use to have to stare at for a long time to see the picture, with your nose right up to the page. Rememeber those?
Then after, like, ten minutes, whether you saw it or not, you told everyone you did. Bc you desperately crave acceptance and approval. Whatever. I digress. Anyways, ya. The Rebbe.
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