Listen, then Ask


Yesterday my thoughts were about listening and learning. Today they are about asking and sharing, which is equally important.

If you don’t ask, how will they know?

Not asking costs more in the end.

The risk for your needs is worth it.


Coach Yulia



Afshine Emrani

In med school I had a crush on a girl that was way out of my league. I would see her daily and go home to hate myself for lacking the courage to ask her out. My roommate did and they dated for almost a year. Imagine- she would come over and I was with the two of them all the time. They broke up. I saw her a few years later in a conference. She was happily married. She laughed and told me how she had a crush on me in med school, and asked why I never asked her out! What? We don’t get what we want BECAUSE WE DON’T ASK! Because we lack courage. Because we feel we are not worthy. Because we fear rejection. Because we are complacent. As children, we know if we leave our tooth under the pillow, we will be rewarded with a gift. Those who have traveled to The Western Wall (Kotel) and written a note to God have been stunned by the miracle of their prayers being answered. There’s a joke about a poor man crying to God why everyone less deserving wins the lottery but him, and God says, “because you’ve got to buy a ticket first.” Asking is powerful. A huge part of prayer is realizing that you are powerless but that God is powerful and can help you change. I’m not one to quote the Christian Bible, but there is tremendous power in Jesus saying “Ask and you shall receive.” Write down what you want in life. Ask your friend for more time. Ask your lover for more attention. Ask yourself to be more kind to yourself and to be better. Ask God for what you want in life, both upon waking and on going to sleep. Ask.

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