Everything you do and say is significant

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I hesitated to share this post because of the first sentence. It may help some people that may think that nothing is good enough. For many people who do love themselves, but strive to be perfect, this is a beautiful reminder of how everything resonates.

Sometimes we do not even realize how we completely turned around someone’s day or even someone’s life.

Today everything flowed, worked out, and the timing was awe inspiring. I had a lot of errands, and as the day unfolded, literally everything got done. I just happened to be where I needed to be, and I am grateful that I am present to the every day miracles.

My daughter has been away at camp, and tomorrow morning I get to hug her after a month of not seeing her, we were only able to talk three times.

I come from independent parents, we love each other, but do not need to talk every day. Everyone asked me if I missed my daughter, and I honestly was just present to her adventures, and was happy for her.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning!

I am excited to see her, kiss her, and hug her.


Coach Yulia

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