From Physical Therapy to a Placenta!

What a day.

Started out bright and early taking my son to Physical Therapy for growing pains before camp.

Then I taught three classes, and rewarded myself with the most amazing body work, massage . As I’m going through my own core reconnection journey, one  fascinating thing I learned was about how breath plays a major role. Today after readjusting my rib cage I finally am able to breathe correctly. So it’s not just exercise or genetics, we really need to keep realigning and resetting ourselves.

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Afterwards, I picked up my kids from camp with their friend and enjoyed a play date. After their showers and bedtime, I headed out to teach two more classes. I got a last-minute call to pick up a placenta, a new baby was born into this world!

I love supporting women.

I’m so blessed to do this work.

Just got home.

Good night.

Coach Yulia


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