Some days the timing is just right


I had to go to 24 Hour Fitness today to complete some paperwork, so I went to the one that has a kids club. I originally thought there was a zumba class, but when I found out it was Yoga, since cardio was on the menu, I jumped on the eliptical instead.

Then we headed to the library, and it happened to be hosting a young author that wrote and illustrated children’s books. She also does animation and storyboards for nickelodeon! My kids had a blast learning about creating drawings and stories.

Then we headed to visit my mother in law, and she needed help cleaning and watering her plants. My kids got to work, we enjoyed being at the right place at the right time all day.

Now winding down with dinner and bedtime.

I am off to teach Pilates!

Grateful for when timing is just right.

Coach Yulia

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