How Jews were and are still treated everywhere


Thank God for Israel.

The video above was how the Nazi’s tried to educate children about how they should beware of Jews. Sounds exactly like what the Palestinian leaders are doing, teaching lies and hate.

No matter what hate is in America today, we the people have a voice to stand against it.

Anybody that is AntiIsrael and Anti Zionism is another name for Anti Semitism. Zionism is a movement for the indigenous Jewish people to live in Israel. The narrative that you hear starts in 1948, please be open to learning history and truth.

Below you will see one of the biggest supporters of Israel, he is a Lebanese Arab living in Canada, and he has some great advice!

Shabbat Shalom!

Coach Yulia

Fred Maroun
A friend of Israel:
– Speaks up when others lie about Israel.
– Identifies as a supporter of Israel.
– Points out the many things that Israel does right.
– Stresses the importance of judging Israel and its enemies by the same standard.
– Learns the facts, and sticks to the facts.
– Respects diversity of ethnicities, religions, genders, and sexual orientation, and points out Israel’s respect for diversity.
– Doesn’t use Israel as a wedge issue for partisan political purposes, but aims to unite all parties in support of Israel.
– Votes for candidates who support Israel.
– Doesn’t tell Israel what to do, and respects its range of opinions and its democratic process.
– Doesn’t tell Israel how to be Jewish.
The only thing that stops Hamas and other terrorists from being just as bad as Nazis is that Jews can now defend themselves. The only thing.


The Times of Israel

Assailant shouts ‘No Jew in Germany’ at visiting scholar and knocks his kippa off his head



Assailant shouts ‘No Jew in Germany’ at visiting scholar and knocks his kippa off his head; victim defends himself but is beaten by police, who mistake him for instigator.

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