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In the world we live in today, everyone and everything claims to be the best. In reality we are completely different and it’s all about finding the right fit. I am actually happy when something doesn’t fit or doesn’t work out, because I know that I can save my energy for something that will.

Among many disagreements happening in the world today, there is a big one in the Jewish community about what does white mean. In the cencus and even on paperwork there was a time when Jews in America were considered Asiatic. The truth is that Jews are indigenous to Israel, and have been thrown into countries all over the world, but we’re and are never fully accepted in any of those countries.

I am a Jew first.

I’ve grown up around diversity and everyone claimed me as theirs.

Nowadays it is very rare to find a purebred of anything.

Below is a statement that I agree with, it’s OK to feel how you feel, but it’s not OK to tell other people how they should feel.

Let us all celebrate our differences, embrace diversity, and shine bright from our deep roots within.

Coach Yulia

DI Behan

***Official Group Statement On The Nylah Burton Controversy***

As you may have noticed, our group is one of the few “Jewbook” groups that did not shut down in solidarity with Nylah Burton last week. We’ve received a fair amount of flack for this, and it has cost us some valuable friendships, but we remain resolute in our position.

We condemn the horrific racism that has sprung up in response to Nylah Burton’s article, and any member who is known to have participated in that affair will be banned on sight. On the same token, we condemn Nylah’s ignorant and profoundly bigoted attempts at policing Jewish identity and erasing a significant chunk of the Jewish experience, especially as someone who (it must be said) is goy passing and utterly immune to most forms of antisemitism, which is a specifically Orientalist/anti-Middle Eastern form of racism. Ergo, antisemitism falls significantly harder on Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrahim than other groups of Jews, as the mold of the “hated Jew” is, and always been, Middle Eastern (specifically Ashkenazi) shaped. Although Nylah is undoubtedly oppressed as a black woman, she nevertheless enjoys significant (and I do mean SIGNIFICANT) privileges that most Jews simply do not have, and she would do well to acknowledge this.

We recognize that anti-blackness is and remains a grave problem in Jewish society, and that black Jews often do not feel accepted by other Jews. We are obligated, as a people, to do better. But we cannot in good conscience give a space to the horrific forms of erasure that surfaced in Nylah’s article, nor do we have any intention of sending a signal that might be interpreted as approval of her message. We do not approve, and we will give it no quarter.

If you wish to erase Ashkenazim or any other Jewish group, go somewhere else. We won’t tolerate it in here.



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