I love when my kids say OK

I see the little things in every moment of life. I noticed that all my kids, even my six year old started listening and saying OK. Less whining, after having a moment of meltdown, letting me know why they got upset. I love dialogue, communication, and getting to the bottom of any situation. Thank God I can finally adult with my kids, and I am excited for this new era of our lives.

That OK is music to my ears

Last night we got home late after the fireworks, the kids jumped in the shower and were in bed by 10pm. We had a very busy morning, usually they wake up at 6am, luckily both were up by seven and we had to be out of the house by 8am. Breakfast, lunches, dressing up, we did pretty good, one has to be in camp by 8:30am the other by 9am and I had a class to teach at 9:15am. We get to the first drop off and are told he cannot go to camp because we forgot to put on his camp shirt.

After having a moment of despair, I looked across the room and saw another new parent that I met at the beginning of the week. I walked up to her and asked if she had another camps shirt in her car, she did. That is how life works for me, even in tight situations, I get over being upset pretty quick and look for solutions.

After four classes in a row all over town:

9:15am Pico/Robertson   Mommy and Baby Post Partum Yoga/Pilates

10:30am West Hollywood  24 Hour Fitness Yoga – 32 people

12 noon Studio City  Private Client

1:45pm La Brea/Hancock Park  High Intensity Training/Weights Women’s Group Class

Then squeezed in lunch with a friend before getting the boys from camp, and visited our cousins.

Look for the magic in every moment,

Look for how everything is connected,

Look for the waves of life and ride them,

Coach Yulia


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