Worry Manifests Reality

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Worrying is the act of making negative pictures in your mind. When you worry about a child’s future, you are picturing a dismal outcome. This isn’t good for you or for your child. On a physical level, you are sending stress chemistry through your own system. On a neurological level, you are wiring a negative thought pattern into your brain. On a psychological level, you depressing and scaring yourself. On a spiritual level, you may be arranging negative forces! Instead, always picture the future as positive. See it clearly, as if it’s already here. You will immediately benefit on every level and your new picture, according to many sources, may help set in motion a positive outcome for your child. Most importantly, your positive picture increases your faith in your child’s ability to succeed and THAT will have its own positive impact on both of you. – Miriam Adahan


The message is clear.

Perception, perspective, and possibility is in our hands.

Choose wisely.

There really is a choice.

Coach Yulia

Gedale Fenster
Rebbe Nachman once said: when asked how things are, a person should reply that they going well, thanking God for his situation even if things are actually very difficult. If he does this, then God say, “This is good?! I’ll show you what good really is!” Perception is everything.
A person who rejects his suffering is in effect telling God, “Get away from me!” Accepting is the begging of change. Be willing to suffer a little or you will suffer a lot. Rabbi Nachman (Alef Beit book)

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