Jews look like everyone else


Although my thoughts are about how I can pass for almost anything, the above video is about a Palestinian Israeli that talks about the ridiculousness of boycotting Israel, and how it doesn’t help Jews or Palestinians.

So back to my thoughts on how Jews can pass for anything, we come from almost every country in the world. In American today everybody is so excited about two descriptions, intersectionality and people of color. According to the people that feel that they belong under those two categories, I do not fit at all. Linda Sarsour would pass as white if she was not wearing her hijab, which she does by choice, and many women are forced in most Muslim majority countries. Also I am Jewish and pro Israel, and many people in this movement are blindly following a narrative that does not accurately educate the history of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.

So I have a Jewish friend that is in Kazakhstan for the summer, and this was her latest post:

Ethnicities (национальности) people have thought I am so far this summer in Kazakhstan:

The ones I can understand:

The ones I can sort of understand:

The ones I literally cannot understand at all:

Yulia Medovoy Edelshtain Can I share this? Mind blowing! I look like my father who was born in Chechnya, it’s shocking how you pass for everything except Jewish


Nadiya Al-Noor Somebody asked me if I was Malaysian. Normally it’s Turkish, Arab, Hispanic, Persian, Chechen, etc., but Malaysian?

Alex Morgenstern I didn’t know there were white Malaysians😂
Steve Ganot Did no one guess you are Jewish?
Leora Shekufeh Eisenberg Literally no one. When I say it everyone kicks themselves but no one suspects it from the get-go


Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia
Dani Ishai Behan shared a link.

Jews are a POC. If you believe Middle Easterners in general are POC, you don’t get to call Jews* white. If Linda Sarsour is a POC, so is Chuck Schumer.

*The only possible exception to this would be recent white converts (like Trump’s daughter), but their numbers are too small (basically less than 1 percent of the entire Jewish people) to have any relevance here.


Asserting that anti-Semitism in America is new and that Jews are white is insulting to anyone who understands Jewish history.

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