Strategy and Communication

The headlines in the news are so disturbing. Washington DC has approved a march for white civil rights? I have such a healthy and diverse dialogue happening on my page about this.

This phrase sums it all up:

”White has no heritage. Irish does. So does German. Italian. Jewish. Whatever. And they all celebrate their heritage, as well they should.

A “white heritage” rally is not celebrating heritage. We all know it. It is promoting exclusionary rhetoric and racial supremacy.”

I’m shocked that New York elected a Hamas supporter and the Dyke March banned Israeli flags last year, but happily flies Palestinian flags this year.

”Exactly. And unfortunately it’s those kinds of double standards that actually breed racism and resentment, under the guise of inclusivity no less.”

I am shocked when people blindly follow the crowd, and do not educate themselves on both sides.

Today my son is learning chess, using his brain, learning strategy and communication. He will be a light in this crazy world.

Coach Yulia


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