Squeezing too much in

Everything is always good.

That is the way I function in this world.

Even if things do not go your way, it is a life lesson.

Started out the day with perfection, all kids in camp!

Taught my first Yoga class to a few beautiful ladies.

Headed to squeeze in Runyon Canyon before my next class,

At the very end, thinking about my schedule, checking my device,

I slipped, not on a big hill, Thank God I am ok, but the bruise looks bad.

My message to my students and Doula clients is to stay present,

As my mind wandered at the end of my hike, I slipped and wasn’t ready to catch myself.

I am a clutz, always getting bruised, bumping into things, and almost falling on cracks,

Yoga has helped me not get too hurt! So luckily its nothing more, and life goes on.

Went straight to teach one more Yoga, came home for lunch, then met a Doula client.

Just picked up my son from camp, and have to wash the dishes, then dinner with friends.

Two classes tonight as he hangs with friends and then my cousin will help out.

Grateful for the overall picture, one bad thing in a day of good is not so bad after all.

Coach Yulia


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