I love dialogue


I want to thank everybody that participates in a civil discussion on my pages. We are all trying to understand each other’s perspectives, and see how we can work together.

The media, blame, and pure hate make no sense to me. The only positive that I see is that people are rallying, standing up for others, and fighting for solutions.

Whatever your method, all I ask is to participate in dialogue.

Thank you,

Coach Yulia


Afshine Emrani

#Hitler was the most evil man that ever lived, whose #Nazi army systematically murdered and gassed 6,000,000 Jews during #Holocaust. Our world is filled with bad people, evil people, doing horrific things. But, no one is Hitler and nothing is the Holocaust. When you compare anyone to Hitler or anything to Nazi Germany during the Holocaust, not only you make an incorrect analogy that confuses the current situation, but you diminish the evil performed by Hitler and the suffering endured by the survivors. Never make this analogy. The end.




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