What starts with Israel affects the world

Recently Argentina was bullied by BDS to cancel a soccer game with Israel, and it was not even in the news, because it was just Israel. Now ISIS is threatening to blow up stadiums at the World Cup, maybe people will pay attention that BDS, ISIS, and HAMAS lie in the same bed.


The United Nations also is so focused on Gaza, and does not condemn the leadership, Hamas, but wants to jump on the easy bandwagon and blame Israel. Nikki Haley clearly explains that it is dishonest, and does not move towards peace. Please share this truth far and wide.


It is either all of us, or none of us,

Jews and Israel have a right to exist,

Keep spreading the truth loud and proud,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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This Shabbat we celebrate the life and wisdom of the Lubavither Rebbe


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