This weekend was too much


Have you ever had one of those days that never ended? I mean in a good way, there was so much scheduled in, there was not one moment to breathe.

My whole weekend was like this, and I am so exhausted. It was not easy to enjoy each part, because I was focusing on running from place to place.

There were misunderstandings, and the usual kids taking turns expressing themselves!

The only thing I know how to do is to focus on what is good and have gratitude for everything that I have.

I am grateful for everybody opening themselves up to talk about mental health. I feel blessed to have the genes and the upbringing that helps me handle life head on.  My kids however are still learning, and it’s my top priority to keep learning myself and lead by example.

Let’s keep talking,

Let’s keep listening,

Let’s keep learning,

Let’s keep communicating,

Let’s focus on self-care and balance,

So the once in a while nonstop days,

Do not throw us off completely.

Coach Yulia



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