I’m horrified! SJP at FIU, my university

Dumisani Temsgen Washington
Behold, the Jew-hatred of Arab Palestinian Nazis and what they REALLY think of “Jews of color”….
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When I was going to Florida International University in the 90’s, I never heard of any organization focusing on hating Jews. I was so shocked after the Gaza war in 2014, the floodgates opened to unapologetic antisemitism on college campuses worldwide, especially in America. Below is another, Florida State University, I am shocked at the hatred.
Nobody else is shocked, Jews are the one group of people that are not included in the Women’s March and Intersectionality. The Jewish people are a combination of a culture, a religion, a nationality, a language,  a race, and are indigenous to Israel. Throughout history we have become part of almost every culture around the world, but never fully fit in, and time and time again get singled out.
Louis Farrakhan and politicians openly spew hatred against Jews and Israel. Thank God many are standing loud and proud to this injustice!
Coach Yulia

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