Who wants to be my date?


It is rare that I have time, without kids, without a client due or a class, to go play. This amazing Jewish music festival is happening all day. I already did the mom thing, had some fun with my kids. Now I am trying to find a date. I love doing things by myself, but it is also fun to just have life unfold.

I originally wanted to take my kids, but I think I will practice what I preach. I love to say I come first and it is all about me. My husband is not interested, he likes to relax at home, so anybody free for some fun? My oldest wants to watch the NBA Finals, and my other kids need to go to sleep at their usual bedtime, because it is the last week of school tomorrow!

Nissim goes on at 6pm, that is who I really want to see, then Moshav.

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Coach Yulia

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