Every birth is so different, and yours will be one of a kind

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I recently supported a 48 hour birth. One thing that you can be sure of, is that no two are the same, even with the same woman. Early labor can take a long time, and it also depends on the position of the baby. Usually active labor is where most people start counting, but that one was non stop from the beginning, with a beautiful ending.

Support shows up in different ways. Sometimes it’s physical, which includes massage, different positions, and tools to get through labor. Other times it’s emotional, spiritual, and helping stay as far away as possible from the intellectual.

The brain gets in the way of birth, so instead we focus on our instincts. Visualizations, breathing, and connecting spiritually really makes a difference.

We watch the miracle unfold, in awe of how everything happens at exactly when it’s needed, and appreciate the process and having no sense of time.

Every Doula has a different approach and skill set.  My goal is to create an environment where self-expression, and trusting oneself completely is inevitable.

Allow yourself to be present as life unfolds.

Coac Yulia

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