Sometimes it is good to be speechless

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Last week I connected with a young student from India, who learned about Anne Frank in school, and really related with her. Then when she moved to study to the United States, she started following a passionate group that were Antisemitic and against Israel. Now at 25 years old, she started learning about Jewish history, and realizes that many people are just not educated about history before 1948. She told me she was ashamed to have followed hate, but I told her that there is nothing to be ashamed about because now she was spreading truth.

I am not sure what newsreel you are getting, or what leaders you are following, but Iran, and Gaza are going through major changes from the inside. The people of Iran are ready to be free of the regime, and the Palestinian people are ready to be free of Hamas. Listen to the video below that makes the truth clear. Many people, just like my new friend from India, have been taught a misinformed narrative. It is plainly one sided, incorrect, and a lie. One of these people wrote in a post yesterday that he is speechless, and I think we all can sit back and listen a bit more, instead of following a crowd and speaking out from a misinformed perspective. The truth will always come out.

Today a friend from my childhood who is going through a big and painful transformation in her life wanted to talk, and I told her that since I had many things to do, all I could do was listen.

I am so connected to listening to my inner voice. Someone recently asked people to list the three things that they are grateful for, this is what I wrote.

My energy connection, My family dynamic, people appreciating, understanding and utilizing me to serve my purpose in this world

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia



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