Positively Divine!

Sruli Broocker
According to Chassidic philosophy, Divine Intervention is not something that happens periodically. Rather, it’s happening continually, and is keeping all existence from reverting to Nothingness on a moment to moment basis. That’s where the belief in Divine Providence comes from – that every particle in existence has a role to play and a Divine intention for it being there. Even if it’s just there to derive a positive teaching from. Revise that – ESPECIALLY if it’s there to learn something positive!


My nightline rang at 2:30am, yes I have a nightline. My regular phone is for the everyday, and social media, and at night I want to completely disconnect. Unless there is a baby coming into the world. I am so blessed to work side by side with Doulas in our community, I was needed, I did not know how long, and it was magic. We literally got to the hospital right in time, after laboring at home for two hours. I am on a birth high, luckily came home just as my kids were waking up to serve them breakfast.

The last days of school are so much fun, today was crazy hair day. My youngest really wanted a mohawk a while a go, so I told him we can get it right before summer for this day. My girl had one idea and it morphed into flowery hair, and my oldest was just happy with his spiky haircut that we got yesterday along with the mohawk.

Now I have two classes to teach, a lunch meeting, picking up the kids from school, play date, homework, dinner, and finishing with a family Yoga class tonight.

Thank God!

Divine Timing,

Everything always works out,

No need to worry in advance,

Ride the waves of life,

99.9% of the time everything works out,





Coach Yulia

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