I love living in the moment, then moving on


I am so grateful for my parents and brother for an amazing base of unconditional love yet complete, independent separation. We are always there for each other, yet are busy living our lives, and do not impose or feel like we have to be in each others business. We respect each others choices, and still are there for each other no matter what.

Before marriage and children, there was nothing holding me back from changing jobs, locations, and life circumstances. I loved dropping everything and just moving forward trusting my gut to lead me where I needed to go.

I have made so many amazing friends that I am still connected to, every place I went. Now in my married life, there such a beautiful community connection, full support, yet each one of us busy in our lives.

Even with my Doula work, I am as close as you can get to a person, physically, emotionally, in a very intimate environment. I am 100% present, and they have all of me. Once they have the baby, they do not need me anymore, then I really know I have served my purpose.

The only people that have my undivided attention are my husband and children. It is a big effort, and my biggest lesson. They deserve to have all of me, and my work keeps me recharged and balanced with an energy exchange.

That is all I can give,

I cannot give more,

Coach Yulia

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