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The lies about Israel killing children in Gaza get so much media attention. Meanwhile did you know that today 200,000 Muslims prayed at the Temple Mount in #Jerusalem#Israel protected by the Israeli Defense Forces? And while Christian and Jews are harassed and terrorized in Arab countries, Israel is the only country in the Middle East where religious freedom is respected and protected. You will not find one Arab country in which 200,000 Christians or Jews or any other religions can gather and pray outdoors like this. #StandWithIsrael
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I have always lived among people of color, and never fit into a typical American look. I have always identified with people of color, especially growing up in Miami, Florida which is a mix of everything. In America the conversation many time is literally black and white, which is important to educate and make people aware of history and the way that African Americans are treated every day.
We all have our personal experiences and backgrounds, and I found this article to break down the words that were used to the term “people of color,” that is used today.

“Language is and always will be an essential element in the struggle for understanding among peoples. Changes in the words and phrases we use to describe each other reflect whatever progress we make on the path toward a world where everyone feels respected and included.

A Google Ngram search comparing the frequency of the use of “colored people,” “minorities” and “people of color” delivers interesting results. The use of the phrase “colored people” peaked in books published in 1970. For “minorities,” the top-ranked year was 1997. Since then, the term has steadily declined but continues to significantly outstrip the use of “people of color,” which reached its apex in 2003 (although it is important to note that 2008 is the latest year for which results are available).”

Did you know that Jews are indigenous to Israel for over 3000 years?

Did you know that the Roman Empire wanted to wipe out any Jewish connection, so they renamed Judea to Syria-Palaestina?

Did you know that before WWI the empires conquered many regions, and especially the middle east was a collection of tribes that lived in cities. Countries came to be when the UK and France formed Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. Once those countries formed, Middle Eastern Jews were kicked out, and  when Jordan was in control of Jerusalem they destroyed Jewish holy sites.

“While Christian holy sites were protected, and Muslim holy sites were maintained and renovated, Jewish holy sites were damaged and sometimes destroyed. According to Raphael Israeli, 58 synagogues were desecrated or demolished in the Old City, resulting in the de-Judaization of Jerusalem.”

Any narrative that starts with 1948 signals to me that the person is not aware of the history that came before. People of color includes Jews, even the ones that were dispersed all over Europe and murdered in the Holocaust. Our ancestors are the Nation of Israel.
Fascinating thread below about gentile, POC supporting Jews and Israel,
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia
Sometimes, I feel weird as a gentile Person of Color who supports Israel. Just wondering are there any others like me on this group? African-Americans, Native Americans, Other Brown People who are not Jewish? If you’re here, how do you deal with the stand that Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives has taken on the I/P conflict? And how do you place yourself in the frame of Intersectionality.

Intersectionality has been hijacked by bds sjp jvp. They twist intersectionality in a way that does not resemble Crenshaw’s intersectionality. They abuse intersectionality to infiltrate and exploit various identity groups , to the detriment of those groups. That’s how BLM affiliates were mislead to a bigoted bds platform, despite that platform having nothing to do with the goals of BLM.

Crenshaw is one of them if you haven’t noticed. Intersectionality inherently marginalizes Jews in social justice and anti racist movements because in the eyes of American gentiles we are all white people. BLM, their leaders, and regional representative BLM, their leaders, and regional representatives explicitly threw Ethiopian Jewish people under the bus in favor of “Palestinian solidarity” by ignoring their BLM protests in Israel and ranting on like every other leftist group about how horrible the Zionists are. Kimberly Crenshaw is close to BLM figureheads, retweets and does events w them, and just recently tweeted against the Israeli govt response to Hamas riots.
Are you explicitly wanting Americans only or..? I’m not putting myself forward here just curious since you specified African Americans and Native Americans.

No… I’m open to other voices too. Just that the oppression of African-Americans and Native Americans is mostly used as the justification for anti-Israel activism.

There are Native American tribes that support the Jews as co-indigenous peoples. As in indigenous to Eretz Israel and the Middle East. In the 60s, in the US, Jews spearheaded the Civil Rights movement. Some were murdered for the cause. I feel quite sure that if MLK had been allowed to live, that this alliance would not have been so easily hijacked by the likes of that uber-hater Farrakhan, who is embraced by BLM and the Women’s March. The latter has become a travesty.
My goyish side of the family are definitely predominantly pro-Israel and non-white but also not American.

I don’t consider my skin color in my life choices and opinions. Issues should be dealt with on the basis of neutrality without considering skin color, religion, etc. When we make decisions based on one of them, we naturally become biased.

And that is the case with majority of Muslims who blindly oppose the Israel state because they share religious beliefs with the Palestinians.

My cousin is a gentile according to Jewish law (he has a Jewish father but not a Jewish mother) and he supports Israel.

Most of us don’t really care about the matrilineal law. We recognize patrilineal Jews as Jews, even if the rabbis don’t.

Try to imagine what its like to be a Jew in gentile leftist circles who supports the existence of Israel.

I have been excluded from those circles too because I’m too much of a “Zionist Lover.”

Gentile allies were called “Jew lovers” in Nazi Germany

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I find this very concerning. I’ve been following American anti-semitism on the left closely since 2011. Until the Tamika Mallory disgrace, most of my friends weren’t even aware of it. Since the annointment of Trump, they only call out anti-Semitism when it comes from the right.

I started following this because of close British friends who were being squeezed out of left spaces. They warned me: if you Americans don’t pay attention, you’ll wind up with a Corbyn (churban) too.

Latina atheist who supports Israel–

I feel it’s a slap across the face to Jews considering they have been fighting for equality from the very start. I’ve grown up alongside many Jews and I work with Jewish families and communities. It doesn’t feel weird for me to support Jews/Jewish state but it does feel horrible to see fellow leftists turn their back on Jews and in some cases proceed to stab them.

Thank you! That’s so validating to hear.

I agree. And I didn’t mean that it feels weird to *support* Jewish people. But suddenly I stop being an independent woman of color the minute they realize I am an ally to Jewish people including on the question of Israel. They call me hypocrite. 

I have nothing to do with such circles. My FB may be a “bubble” and an “echo chamber” but living in an antisemitic society (Greece) it’s a great comfort to have such friends out there. It’s my home this is entering and I want a safe space.

Thank you for sticking up for us. Its open to gentile allies.


Ryan Bellerose is a Native American hardcore advocate for Israel, and his friends including many other Native Americans who do same. Plenty of others have done same from Arab, African-American, African, Latin, Kurdish, and other non-Jewish perspectives.

And then there are non-Ashkenazi Jews who have otherwise written on the topic as Jews

1. She’s asking for goyim.

2. All ethnic Jews are POC. We are indigenous to the Levant, which is a “brown” part of the world. This is why I’m not a fan of terms of “Jews of color”. It implies that some Jews are white (i.e. not “really” Middle Eastern).

It’s strange to use a western construct “are you a person of color״ to underscore how you’re not western.

If I have Jewish ancestry from both sides Mom and dad does that still make me goyim ? Lol according to Doug McDonald (a geneticist ) my dad is anywhere between 20-30% Sephardic.. my mom’s side is about 5% I believe , making me about 13-18% Jewish… lol just saying 🙂
Do you self-identify as Jewish?


Yeah I do… well I tell people that I’m partly Jewish from both sides. I actively believe in ancient Hebrew practices (religion ) even if I’m not religiously Jewish. It’s actually quite a large aspect of how I view myself m.


Others of color include Pakistani Noor Dahri, Yazidi journalist Zenobia Ravji, Nadiya Al-Noor, Bedouin Israeli Mohammad Kabiya, etc

Tell them look at the ME map. Look at the size of Israel and imagine you are there and all around are enemies. Now, imagine your family was expelled or 2nd class citizens in the ME N Africa and Europe. Raped, shot in the street, encamped, villages burned in hundreds of villages throughout Europe for 100s of years. You are unwelcome in these villages and countries where you sought refuge after your expulsion from Spain, and ME and North Africa. Many of us white Jews have ME and North African blood. Imagine your family history erased beyond grandparents. Now imagine that Syria and Jordan have Palistineans are encamped without citizenship and you have many free Palistineans, and Muslims, Druze Christian Arabs, and Muslim villages all over your homeland. The first transgender pageant in Israels winner was a Palestinian. SA has slaves, women and LGBTQ are killed daily in countries around you. And that citizens are being killed daily around your country. And they are not judged. When will there be peace I don’t know. But please try to see the larger context of fear that the country is under when its neighbors expelled your citizens and simulataneously wishes for your destruction, and collaborated with Hitler lucky the war ended. Imagine. Btw, when you finally visit Israel you will see plenty POC and a large percentage are Jews. Thank you for your support. Thank you.


Yes I am and I understand completely. Well my stand is that while black lives certainly do matter and we should all work to reduce police brutality, the people who run the BLM organization are not right about everything. IP is one area where there stance is totally wrong.

I believe that progressive values include standing up for all minorities including Jews so I really see no conflict.

Well, that’s the whole point. BLM is extremely important and I have immense respect for the org. Of course, not being Black, I can only be a respectful ally. But I have been told that I can’t be an ally if I “support racism” in other forms (Zionism) while supporting the liberation of Black people from structural violence and systemic inequality. So I asked if other people have had the same experience.

Well anyone who said that is misinformed.

I am for what is right, not always what is popular.

I strongly disagree with BLM’s stance on Israel, but I still support them, as the immediate problem of innocent black people being shot to death by cops must take priority, and its its unlikely that they’ll do any real damage to the State of Israel.

My brother in law married a native American from Canada. She’s def. pro-Israel & sees our cause as similar to that of Native Americans.

There’s a reason Native American Studies seems so intent on marginalizing us. Lot of white professors, lot of Ward Churchill types, and the way they become more inclusive is by…hiring people who are obviously not Indians.

Because it needs to be said.

Middle Eastern = POC

Jews = Middle Eastern (from the land of Israel)

Jews = POC

As for white passing Jews being “white”, I find that notion laughable.

There are white passing Arabs, Natives, Hispanics, Kurds, and so on. But nobody ever uses terms like “Arabs of color” or “Natives of color”. So why would anyone use terms like “Jews of color” unless they’re trying to imply that not all of us come from the Middle East (since non-Jewish MENAs are generally considered POC regardless of what they look like)?

I am an Arab who supports Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and defend itself without unreasonable restrictions. I don’t see any conflict between this and being an Arab, honestly. Facts are facts. I support Arabs when they’re right. I don’t support Arabs when they’re wrong.

the way you should think about this is not white vs. but as majority / minority relations. Different majorities are different actors and minorities in one location may be majorities elsewhere and their behaviour from elsewhere can carry over as it does with the Muslim community and their treatment of Jews everywhere not only in the middle East where they are the majority.

Even among Muslims, the treatment of various “denominations” varies a lot from country to country. Shiites are killed by Sunnis, Sunnis are killed by Shiites, Ahmedis are killed by other Muslims (even in the UK), etc.

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