Transition and Doses keep life flowing

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Sometimes I am not sure exactly what I am trying to say. Luckily pictures and the right words pop out of me as I glance through social media. I am so happy my children are back in school, we all need the balance of our own lives and adventures. All relationships are best in doses, at least for me this is essential to recharge, be present, and give 100%.

The school year is ending, we have a little break in between, then camp starts. I keep waiting for babies to signal their entry into this world, so I can support and give all of me to the mother to allow it all to flow.

Did you know that the most intensity during labor is right before pushing, the contractions are close, super strong and long. It is a short period compared to the rest of the labor, and a signal that you are literally done.




Keep Life Flowing.

Keep me sane and balanced.

Coach Yulia

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