“Worrying is always wasted time.”

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The book above came for my nine year old son from PJ Library, which is an organization that provides Jewish themed books for all ages. I could not put it down, it is a story of possibility, following your passion, and American Jewish history from an immigrant perspective.
I think everyone of all ages, even adults should read it, so we can be reminded of the obstacles of Jews in America around WWII, and how as immigrants there was no choice but to work hard so our children can have opportunities.
Below are two powerful posts that talk about how we perceive and believe.
It is a choice.
Coach Yulia

Worrying is always wasted time.

“And I will give you peace in the land” (Leviticus 26:6). One of the recurring themes in the Torah is the importance of living a life of shalom, not only with our neighbors and family, but also with ourselves. In fact, the Midrash teaches us that we can have every material blessing in the world, but without peace, we really don’t have that much. Usually, when we pray for shalom, we take three steps back. One of the ideas behind this is that so often in life we can get caught up in the moment and lose perspective as to what’s really important, but if we can step back and look at the big picture, we may realize that most of the things that upset us are just nonsense and pettiness. If we take the time to reflect on the things that have upset us, if we can even remember what they were, we quickly realize that we wasted our time and energy getting worked up about something unimportant, and we lost the opportunity to enjoy what was really important. If we can step back, we may eventually realize that we have so many more blessings than we really deserve.

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary

My TRUTH… what is yours??

Before You read further… the purpose of this post is to show how facing our emotions and getting to the root can help us have the breakthroughs our soul needs!!

The past few days I have been aroused with feelings of rage. Luckily I have the spiritual, the holistic tools to deal with my emotions, and I have the most amazing teachers, leaders and mentors that I can speak to, as well as my almost 2 decades of professional healing and intuitive work.. so here I am … why in the world am I so angry..

I am living in beautiful Florida, I have made amazing friends already and the community has welcomed me in.. My husband tries to excel in excellence, and yes as with all relationships has made it safe for me to bring up my weaknesses so I can grow into my greater higher self … His kids rock and mine as you know are the best and my pride and joy… SO WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I BE SO ANGRY….?? Luckily, I no longer have anything to do with anyone that would have the nerve to tell me NOT TO BE ANGRY BC I AM.. even my mom, gave me the ok to be FEEL this time …
So here is the deal, sometimes when it is finally safe .. our pain comes up…

Now those of you that know me and the work that i do and that live and breathe my talk ..might know this.. yet for those of you that don’t know me yet … here I go ..

In high school, my Rebbe, Rabbi Moshe Weinberger told me the following ” Tania please be truthful..”

It bothered me so much that I actually stopped speaking to him as my mentor, I took it so personally … this week after 23 years, I was speaking to my husbands ex wife, and this came up…

She asked me why I was speaking to her, why I cared to help her get the vacation time that she requested when I should really be on her husbands side and this is when I went into rage ………….!!!!!!!!!!



In the work that I do, I get to hear all the good, all the bad, my clients are angels yet it’s the ones that I don’t see..


I am reading Monica Berg’s book called “Fear Is Not AN Option…” Yes Monica Berg from the Kabbalah Center… Just curious, will you stop reading my post bc I just said something that is controversial …

I have been taking classes at the Kabbalah center since 2005…. I have learned more from them than I have anywhere else in the world and I have been around the block .. So for the first time I am publicly thanking the center for all that the wisdom they continue to bring to my life.. The people I meet and the courage I have gotten to be who I am …

Are they perfect…. WHO CARES… ???


& For the record, Kabbalah is a part of my life, I integrate many things into my life and I don’t believe in just one way so if you want to box me, then also best we are not friends bc I don’t box people and learn from everyone.. so are we cool… thank you

I HAVE NO TOLERANCE FOR THE WHOLE PERFECTION THING .. that’s why I created the Excel into Excellence movement …

You get to stand in your genius, in your power, in your passion and purpose and that’s your birth right and if no-one gave you that birth right then please speak to me and I will give it to you ..

So tonights anger RELEASE, is dedicated to all the people that are afraid to be themselves, the people that have chosen to go numb bc of fear, to all the approval seekers and people who are running away from their truth ..

I look around me and see Rabbis, Doctors, wise people and I am crying inside and I can’t take it anymore … yes I can not heal the world, BUT I CAN’T STAY QUIET EITHER …

Last year i dated a Rabbi before I reconnected with David and you know what he would tell me ….. He would tell me he would go into these elite meeting and see and hear the hypocrisy, the lies, the cheating and the poor Rabbi’s would have to shut their mouths or they would loose their job …


Why in the world is this happening … and then what about all the doctors that have to shut their mouth or their license can be taken away..

I worked for a pediatrician when I was in college and it was sick care not health care… the children would walk in and walk out with diseases they never had… I couldn’t stand it so I became a homeopath…

My thousands of clients, they don’t need antibiotics to survive… they don’t live in fear and if they do … they can reach out to me and I will see to it that they don’t ..

So today, as I open my eyes and smell the vibration around me .. IT DOES NOT FEEL GOOD…

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WAKE UP .. my husband was watching the news tonight and the baseball game last night .. I was furious .. not at him bc poor guy for him it’s to unwind … and I make sure to snap him out of it … but those of you that distract yourself and busy yourself with the mundane … or even worse those that go to the house of worship and come back home, not giving the dignity to your children, spouse, family member, roommate etc .. .

We read in the portion last week, In Parshat Emor about the commandment of Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Love yourself…

I have spent the past 3 years working to love myself, and each day I delve in further… it’s not easy yet the reward is something I can’t describe … It brings you eternal happiness, joy, abundance .. It would be selfish of me to keep it to myself, therefore I am here to share it with all of you…

Once you get to know and love yourself, only then can you love others, only then can you attract the love of your life, the $$$$…etc etc …

How do i know, bc i walk my talk… I live it… I live in the joy, in the pain, in the ups and the downs… I AM NOT AFRAID TO BE ME…..& AS of tonight i am not afraid to be rejected by my FULL TRUTH & DISCLOSURE…

I have a mini ebook that I I wrote about setting up for success by aligning yourself with the energy centers in your body… If You want to connect further with yourself, please pm and I would be more than happy to share my book with you.. FOR FREE!!! Yes .. .

stay in your truth and may you merit to have abundant flow of blessings, joy, inner peace and the clarity and strength to live and thrive in this life as you are intended!!!

Ps… Somehow my anger see,s to be replaced with renewed strength!!!

Love you guys…

Tania Dilmani


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