The United States Embassy celebrates the move to Jerusalem the capital of Israel

I follow the news below, here is what has been in the headlines. Miracles are unfolding before our eyes. The world is seeing clearly, Thank God!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

A lawn in the colors of the US flag, in honor of the embassy’s moving to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.
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Hamas condemns Prince Charles’ planned visit to Israel on the occasion of the 70th anniversary celebrations.

Yihye Sinwar hints: Next week, thousands of Palestinians will break through the fence in Gaza

Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip Yahya Sinwar held a briefing for the international media for the first time since he was appointed in 2017. Sinwar hinted that he wanted to see thousands of Palestinians crossing the fence into Israel next week.

Asked what he expected from demonstrations on Mondays and Tuesdays, Sinwar replied that “Israel has never explicitly defined its borders.”

“What’s the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking the fence that is not a border?” Sinover wondered.

Sinwar said he hoped Israel would not fire at what he called “non-violent demonstrators.”

Bahrain’s foreign minister: Israel has a full right to defend itself and to act against any source of danger after Iran has undermined the status quo in the region.

Some headlines.

*The chief of the UN has called for an immediate halt to “all hostile acts” in the Middle East, a day after Israeli forces bombed Iranian military targets inside Syria.

*Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in cities across the country to protest Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the nuclear deal with world powers.

*The Iranian foreign minister will meet with representatives from France, Germany, and the UK in Brussels on Tuesday, the EU has announced.

*Russian intelligence foiled a terror attack on this week’s massive Victory Day memorial march in Moscow” – Russian Deputy FM

*ISRAEL: President Trump will deliver a video address to those attending next week’s opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem.

*The U.S. imposes sanctions on six individuals and three companies funnelling millions of dollars to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard – AP

*Throughout the day, approximately 5,000 Palestinians participated in riots along the Gaza border. The rioters burned tires, hurled rocks, flew kites with burning items attached to them with the intention of igniting fires in Israel.

* President Trump to announce plan to significantly lower cost of prescription drugs


Gov Cuomo says he’s planning a “security and solidarity” trip to Israel. “They’re in danger and NY should be there.”

No date set yet.

“Peaceful” demonstrations should be met by “peaceful” responses…

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“What’s the problem with hundreds of thousands breaking through?” Hamas’ Gaza leader Yehiyeh Sinwar told international reporters Thursday. The border fence, he…

My brother is checking Mezuzah’s for the new embassy! Such nachas


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We have all seen this week how we are experiencing miracles during our time, in Eretz Yisroel.

My question is, what are we doing about it?

We see that Hashem is keeping His side of the deal and we are experiencing special times, but what are we doing to deserve this?

Our Mossad manages to ‘steal’ a half a ton of documents, files and disks about Iran’s secret nuclear program, from ‘under the noses’, and bring them to Israel for close and full examination.

This mission was for the safety of the nation of Israel, and that we as a nation, should not be under any threat of annihilation by an atomic bomb. This mission involved, firstly to know where these documents were, how were they stored, was there access to them (they had to get into enormous thick safes to get to the documents), and how to break into the safes, were there any alarm systems to get into the storage area and also were the safes alarmed. Then to remove that amount of files safely and load it into a truck (must have had a team to do all of this), and then to all safely get away and bring this whole load back to Israel. How they did it, I cannot go into details.

This mission was purely to save our country and nation.

Now this week, we saw how a big volley of around 40 missiles fired at us, and they were rendered ineffective, either by the Iron Dome system, but most of them did not even reach Israel. They either fell short, or fell into Lebanon. In one of the videos I posted, one can very clearly see some of the missiles, after firing, veering to the left or right after launch. What caused this to happen.

An open miracle of intervention on our behalf.

I other missions we know of, getting the information about the conveys of missiles, destined to be fired at Israel, is not a simple thing. A lot of ‘mazal’ or ‘luck’ is involved in all this being carried out successfully.

There are probably a lot more that we don’t know about, that were planned against us, but their plans, BH did not get to fruition.

Now I have to ask everyone, what are WE doing on our side to deserve these miracles of protection from Hashem?

These events were against us as a nation. The nation is in danger. Peoples lives are in danger.

Our greatest weapon we have, is the weapon of UNITY. If we can unite in whatever we do as a nation, then we are doing our share of our of the covenant to Hashem. And how do we do this? We get closer to Hashem, and we show Him that we love Him and appreciate His care for us with actions.

I think that everyone should try and do this, this Shabbos. Everyone has their own level of belief to show Hashem that we love Him. Just saying it is just not enough. We have to show it to Him, by doing something very specific in His honour.

One of the mainstays of Judaism and being Jewish is the gift of Shabbos, that Hashem has given us. It is the (ot he) ‘sign’ of our nation and our covenant and our bond to Hashem.

I would like EVERY Jew this Shabbos (at least to start this Shabbos), to take upon him or herself something that will be dedicated, in their mind, in honour of Shabbos, as a sign of our thanks to Hashem for what he is and is always doing for us.

Examples could be, like not switching off lights, perhaps not using ones cellphone, not smoking, something that one could get through Shabbos without too much effort, yet every time you stop yourself from doing one of these things, you stop yourself and say “no, I am not doing that today for the sake of our nation and Hashem”. Frum families could perhaps dedicate a extra Shabbos song specially, or make an extra brocha on a fruit or candy, dedicated to Hashem.

In this way, we will ALL be uniting as a Jewish nation and as one, showing Hashem that we appreciate what He does for us, be it things we know or things we are unaware of.

Let me pray that these dedications done in the name of Hashem, will, protect us and keep us, and in this way, be doing our part of our covenant with Him.

We are a special nation, and we should act as such.

I bless everyone with a wonderful, beautiful and very meaningful Shabbos that will be for all of the nation of Israel.

Alan Silver

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