My thoughts on North Korea, Iran, and ISIS

No matter what side you are on, changes are happening in the world as a whole. In the past administration ISIS was rampant, everyone was on different sides, and there was no plan of action against them. Many countries tried to make agreements, believed them when they said they would have an armistice, and kept thinking that somehow talking with terrorists that want to murder the civilized word would work.

There is no talking with that old world mentality, especially when they feel that everybody has to be the same, as they maim, rape, and kill anyone in their path.
North Korea and South Korea are creating a new chapter, three hostages have been released, and everyone is welcoming the new era.
Alan Silver
U.S. President Trump confirms that his much anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will take place in Singapore on June 12th.
Some headlines about last nights attacks in Syria.
Britain condemns Iran’s attack on Israel and calls on Iran to refrain from further attacks, spokesman for UK PM Theresa May says.
UK also says it ‘strongly’ supports Israel’s right to defend itself, and calls on Russians to press those in Syria.
Israel says it warned Russia of the air strikes.
Israel used 28 planes
Fired 70 missiles
Syria says Israeli attack marks ‘new phase’ in war


Five of the most wanted leaders of ISIS (Daesh) have been just captured!

Image: An unused car bomb from the Islamic State group in Mosul, Iraq.

‘Most wanted’ ISIS commanders captured in cross-border sting operation

The words below are from an amazing Persian doctor, his point of view is so powerful. Let’s keep sharing and learning about each other, and go towards peace, equality, and respecting each other’s differences, together.
Coach Yulia
Afshine Emrani
Iran’s Shah did so much for his people and died in isolation. His father, who was one of the greatest kings of all time, had his body disgraced. These Mullahs are NOT Iranians. They imprison, torture and kill Iranians carelessly. They’re barbarians who have taken Iran hostage. The people are screaming, “we’re all hostages.” They are asking Trump for help, to set #IranFree of these monsters. Amen
I’m constantly criticizing Liberals/ Liberal Jews for supporting evil policies like #IranNuclearDeal. But, one of the unintended good consequences of this deal- now erased thanks to Trump- was that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain realized that a nuclear Iran would mean that not only they would want to destroy Israel, but they would threaten the entire region. Hence these Arab countries are now fully supporting Israel’s right to defend herself! Because the enemy of my enemy is…. Yup!

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