What day is it today?

My day was so full yesterday, the blogging disappeared from my consciousness. Usually I feel like something is missing, and I honestly need the release. Here is a breakdown of my Tuesday.

6am kids wake up, breakfast, lunches, showers, husband takes them to school

7:30am Yoga for teachers

9am Women’s Yoga

10:30am 24 Hour Fitness Pilates

Noon Doula meeting with client who is due in a month

1:30pm eyebrow threading for a mother’s day even I have today where Dr. Drew is the guest!

2pm lunch and small siesta

4pm pick up kids and go to library and homework

5pm drop of kids at home

6pm 24 Hour Fitness Pilates

7:30pm Prenatal Yoga

8:45pm Post Partum Belly Binding Client

In this fabulous day was a client that is ready for my Doula services that is due in 2 weeks! Another new mommy to be came to Prenatal Yoga, and my Belly Binding client felt instant support from the wrap and from me 🙂 I love moms, everybody else takes care of the babies. I am happy that I found a way to keep taking care of moms Post Partum.

Post Partum Belly Binding = Mother Love ❤️

Bye, Bye Tuesday,

Hello, Wednesday,

Coach Yulia


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