#Times Up – 3 videos about #Me Too

Three stories, three completely different situations.

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped as a young girl out of her home, had the courage to run away after many years, and now is an advocate for women.


Tracy Ellis Ross tells a story about a woman in her 60’s that was literally, physically moved out of the way, because she was blocking someones way in a post office.


Amy Schumer has an amazing interview with Oprah, and at towards the end of the interview she tells her own #ME TOO story about a loving relationships where lines were crossed.


I am happy that we are having conversations.

I am happy that we are listening to each other.

Bill Cosby and Roman Polansky are being shunned by the industry.

Keep talking.

Keep listening.

What has been the norm,

Accepted, Allowed, and All over,

All of us will stand for it no more!

#Times Up

Coach Yulia







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