Last year, a day before Lag B Omer, a light went out

Last night and today is Lag B Omer, honoring Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who revealed the secrets of the Kaballah,

We celebrated yesterday on the beach with our community. It is customary to light a bonfire, enjoy a barbeque, sing and dance. Today there are concerts and more festive celebrations.

Last year, the day before Lag B Omer, a light went out. At 101 years old, my one of a kind grandmother Chana, or as we called her in Russian Anna, left this world. It was also mother’s day, and I took my children for an impromptu weekend to Las Vegas, where my parents went on vacation. I was with my mother when we heard the news. My grandmother lived a life full of happiness and helping others, and passed away on Shabbat.

We are honoring her this Shabbat with a Kiddush, a celebration  in our synagogue.

God Bless Her Memory,

Coach Yulia


Babushka Anna came to America in her 70’s, one of her favorite phrases in English was “I am a beautiful woman!” God Bless her happiness, confidence, giving nature, and unconditional love.

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