I love the word, scientific!

Today I was asked by a friend to accompany her to get a simple, quick procedure.  She did not want to be alone, and luckily I had the time free. Unless I have a client, there are many things I can do, and I had tentative plans, but this is definitely where I was meant to be.

The amazing dermatologist was so skilled and knowledgeable, it was a pleasure to watch her work. I told everyone I was my friends Doula, because honestly holding space is not only for labor and birth.



My Yoga teacher, Raghavan, is turning 86 this month, and is one of my role models. He used to have his own studio called the Scientific Yoga Center. I loved the sound of that, because it is not a spiritual focus or a healing, it is purely scientific and beneficial for overall health for everybody.

When people ask what exactly I do as a Doula, many times I say that I have no idea. In the moment, we will know, and it is hard to understand until it is actually happening.

One of the gifts that I have in this life is that I am present, and I know how to bring others present. In a Yoga class and with Doula support, we keep on staying in the moment and finding what works. Honoring, trusting, accepting, respecting, and just being.

Thank God!

Coach Yulia


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