First Headshot!

Yulia Head Shot

I wanted to post this yesterday, but this week was just like last week. Right after Shabbat, a labor and birth was guiding a soul into this world. Just got home, posting this now, will write Sunday thoughts later.

Here is a little background on the head shot.

I was 27 years old, ready to move to Los Angeles to find myself. I took headshots in Miami, just in case I was scooped up into fame and fortune as soon as I landed. I also got my first cellphone with a Hollywood phone number, and I still have it today!

Yulia is my given name, it is on my passport, but growing up everybody called me Julie. Many Russian immigrants like myself were automatically given the American version of their name. I thought Julia was too fancy, and liked that Julie was a Valley Girl name. It followed me through high school, to my driver’s license, and college degrees. When I decided to find myself, I realized that Yulia is the unique source of my energy, so I shed Julie, and had to retrain my parents to call me Yulia. I also told my credit card companies and other business accounts that they have been spelling my name wrong for 27 years.

Medovoy means made of honey in Russian.

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