I couldn’t post Saturday because…

Saturday is quiet yet loud with life and companionship. We turn off all devices and links to the outside world on Shabbat, yet I remain connected for one reason.


Although nobody else calls me, and my husband take the kids to the synagogue so I get to take a nice quiet long nap.  My energy, ear, and flow are ready to support labor and birth on God’s time.

I ended up spending the whole day with my kids, then I went to an annual gala party for my children’s school and got my dance on.

No time to blog, because the phone call came.  It was magical, throughout the night we rode the waves, and a new soul has emerged to brighten our world first thing in the morning.

God bless my husband for making me breakfast, before I headed out for a Doula interview.

I couldn’t keep my eyes open, after a sweet nap, now enjoying earth day with the kids outside in our gorgeous weather.

Thank God!

Coach Yulia



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