What do a bartender and a doula have in common?

I have an amazing friend that has a way with words. I was explaining to her that I am a Doula and not a therapist, so if somebody has anxiety or depression, I would refer them to someone else.

Everybody has a different style, and it is all about finding the right fit. I am very straightforward, focusing on staying present, self expression, and really trusting what feels right in the moment.

Sometimes I am just validating how a woman feels, it is more about emotional release, and just letting someone know everything is exactly the way it should be.

So my friend said it is just like a bartender listening to the stories of their patrons. I love this comparison because I used to bartend, and have recently started to bartend again!

Tell me your stories.

Non stop weekend of birthdays, new baby boy ceremonies, bridal showers, doula meetings, engagement parties, ending up with my daughter and I getting our hair done!

Coach Yulia

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