Use Your Platform For Your Passion

Creative Loneliness

Take time to listen to this whole conversation. I really relate to the immigrant journey and the amazing description of creative loneliness. My parents were never home, I babysat my five year old brother when I was seven in 1980. They were always working multiple jobs, and putting us to work when we owned a restaurant.

They also talk about letting your authentic self free and conducting your life and work from your place of passion. Even in our crazy world, do your part of what makes sense to you. All of the conversations are good, especially about how people identify. I love knowing the background and roots of everyone’s journey.

Let’s listen to each others stories,

That is how we can make the world a better place.

Headed for beautification at my children’s school for earth week.

Waiting on a birth, and enjoying riding the waves of the energy in the universe.

Thank God!

Happy Sunday,

Coach Yulia

My beautiful sister in law and I partying after Passover last night at a Mimouna eating mufaletta!

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