Freedom is a Mentality

Haize Hawke 
What if there is nothing wrong with any of us? What if we don’t have to change a thing? What if we simply let it all go? Let go of the stories, the guilt, the fear, the shame and choose to be happy? How about that? – Haize Hawke

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Are you following the story of how Hamas is paying and using people to incite violence? Very interesting developments of Saudi Arabia and Quatar recognizing the right of Israel to exist.


Passover teaches us so many lessons that are very valuable in modern times.

Tonight we are going into the last two nights of Passover. Tonight, we commemorate the splitting of the sea nearly 3500 years ago. And since finding the right marriage partner is as difficult as splitting the sea, it’s a special time to pray to find the right one. On Saturday, Shabbos, don’t forget that it’s Yizkor, the prayers remembering our loved ones who are no longer with us.
“As Passover comes to an end, it is important to remember that the word Pesach has two meanings. Rashi translates it not only as passing over our homes, but also as compassion. It is interesting that these two translations complement each other. Our experience as slaves built our sense of compassion, and the transition to freedom gave us the ability to fully act on that compassion. Correspondingly, God had compassion on us and passed over all of our homes. That’s one of the reasons why the festival is known as the festival of Abraham: he was the individual who taught the pagan world the concepts of charity, compassion, and kindness that have permeated the western world through what is known as the Judeo-Christian value system. The Talmud tells us that just like the Jews were blessed by this character trait, so too our final redemption will come through the kindness we all inherited from Abraham.”

Shabbat Shalom!
Rabbi Jawary


Freedom is a mentality,
We live in an international and diverse world,
Stand loud and proud for truth,
Am Yisroel Chai!
Happy Passover,
Chag Sameach,
Shabbat Shalom,
Signing off until Saturday night,
Coach Yulia
Afshine Emrani Birds born in a cage think that flying is an illness. #Passover
Look who’s on the cover of  TIME. The Saudi Crown Prince who thinks he can transform the Middle East. Change Iran’s regime. Get rid of ISIS. Support Israel. Make the region peaceful. He talks the right talk, but will he walk his talk?
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