On Passover, Words and Kindness by Afshine Emrani.

What are you a slave to? What one destructive habit do you wish you could give up? #Passover the journey within.


You are your words’ master before you speak,
their slave once you set them free.

If you struggle with health,
or work, or love, or yourself- and still manage to remain kind- I insist that you’re a masterpiece.

On Jews, Hebrews, Judaism, The Nation of Israel by Justin Amler.

A year ago I climbed Masada for a truly memorable and amazing experience. I even reshared some Facebook live videos I made while doing it – you can see them on my timeline. The sunrise I saw is the cover photo on my Facebook homepage.

It was one of my fondest memories in Israel.

Because here I was climbing a rock in the middle of a desert and watching the sun’s first rays peek up from over the distant mountains and there’s something so beautiful about it that I can only describe it as magical.

But it’s not only beautiful – it’s spiritual too, because it’s an experience that enriches your soul, and lifts your spirits and fills your body with an energy that can’t be matched.

Now, maybe it’s me, but when I got to the top and I watched the desert light up as it had done for millions of years before I was there and will do so for millions of years after I’d gone – you can’t help but look upon it with a sense of childlike wonder and awe.

Masada is such a special place, because it symbolises so much for Jews. It symbolises the pride of a nation that would not bow down before others. It symbolises the strength of a people who valued freedom above all else. And it symbolises the belief of a people whose values are held with such esteem that nothing on earth can make them abandom them.

In many ways, it was a tragedy, but it was also a rallying point that brought with it a determination that we, the Jews of this era, will not let down the sacrifice made by fellow Jews of another era 2000 years earlier.

The story of the Jews who held out for so long against the Roman forces did not end with a military victory, but it did end with a spiritual victory. Because today, we still remember it. We still talk about it. We still use it a point of strength and honour.

Although their legacy is still felt today, the Romans themselves are long gone, having vanished into history’s timeline. But we, the Jews, the small rabble of people who stood on this lonely mountain top and stared down the world’s superpower – well, we’re still here. The murky timeline of history has not been able to claim us yet.

Masada will not fall again. That is the vow of our generation of Jews today and the promise to all Jews worldwide forever.

On relationships, loving yourself, and never settling for less than you deserve, below from Janine Joy.


Coach Yulia


I was talking to my cousin about how women, especially beautiful women, will often date men that they don’t find physically attractive, and that this person will grow on them and then….they fall in love.

I remember being told as a child that even if I turned out ugly, all I needed was money and style and I’d never hurt for pum. (And we know why.)

I remarked that men almost never consider people that they are not physically attracted to, ever. And in the case of men who love men, people who are not considered attractive quite literally do not exist. They are so utterly erased and ignored that many have committed suicide.

This is lack of compromise is even more the case with beautiful men. We are not taught that we should compromise.

So she asked me what I would do if I was in love with someone and found out that they didn’t find me physically appealing or attractive. Or if I found out that I “grew” on them, but they were madly in love with me now.

She must have forgotten that I am a Leo and a child of Water.

I would break up with them on the spot. Fuck the love. I refuse that as my portion. You think I want to be with someone who DOES NOT FIND ME ATTRACTIVE, when there are people who do? Why would I set myself up for jealousy and diminished self esteem?

I can handle a “damn he/she/they fine” towards another when we are walking together if I am assured of their unremitting desire for me.

But to know that their eye is wandering and they don’t even find me attractive? Or had to search to find the attraction to me? NEVER.

I deserve to be with someone who is attracted to me thoroughly. Everyone does.

This is probably one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever needed to contemplate on in depth.

– Siete Saudades

A response from Cagney Buttilla.

As a man who has been told “I’m just not attracted to you” by multiple women that I ended up “growing on”.. physical attraction isn’t the end all be all. Apparently I’m more attractive after some time spent. (Hard to like the fat guy off jump street). It never bothered me. I’ve always been secure in self and felt if my physical is the only thing that could be knocked.. I must be a helluva person. So I ran with that. What’s appealing to the touch often conflicts what’s appealing to the eye.


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